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(Well, if you believe in that sort of thing.)

It just happened out of nowhere. Last thing I knew, it was September and we were trying to readjust to Eastern Standard Time, and here now it’s the end of Spooktober and beginning of the season for which is most important…Football.

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, and most years I’d be dancing amongst a throng of Griffo partygoers somewhere in a basement dense with fog and blacklights.

This year, however, I find myself living in Brooklyn with the band (minus 1) and playing it low-key as we head to play video games, smoke blunts and eat pizza at a friend’s. En route; an army of pint-sized pre-pubescents marches down Flatbush in lockstep.

I don’t mind keeping a low profile this year, as I’m spending the Holiday with the only people I know here anyhow. So for now, go out, get rowdy, and scare the pants off of evrybody. And where’s that pizza?!